An initiative that celebrates the healing wonders of the ocean.

Our Seakind Pledge

We believe in the transformative power of the sea – the way it calms our minds, invigorates our spirits, and connects us to the natural world. We're committed to fostering well-being through our Seakind Pledge, an initiative that celebrates the healing wonders of the ocean.

Our promise

We pledge to empower our community by offering them opportunities to embrace the sea, explore its wonders, and find solace in its depths. With our Seakind Pledge, we're dedicating ourselves to create meaningful, enriching experiences that enhance the well-being of all.

We’re looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us and our community, and to connecting more people to the coast.

Sharing the Ocean

We are thrilled to introduce our transformative "Sharing the Ocean" initiative, where we blend the elements of well-being, ocean exploration, and safety education. This initiative is all about celebrating the sea, empowering women, and fostering a deep connection with the ocean. 

We're offering an extraordinary opportunity for 12 remarkable women (each year) to spend quality time with the inspiring Sarah Walsh from Cornish Kelpie.

Sea days

We deeply value the well-being of our team members, and we understand the restorative power of the sea. That's why we're proud to offer our dedicated team members a special perk – the "Sea Day."

Our Sea Day is a day off that allows our team to step away from their daily responsibilities and embrace the healing embrace of the ocean. It's a gesture of gratitude for their hard work and dedication, a chance to relax, unwind, and find inspiration by the shore. 

We encourage our team to immerse themselves in the beauty of the sea, whether it's through a leisurely beach day, a surf, or simply listening to the soothing sounds of the waves. It's our way of showing appreciation for their commitment while promoting a healthy work-life harmony.

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