Working and playing by the sea, we are humbled to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Revelling in the might of the Atlantic Ocean and the golden sweeps of sandy beaches, we enjoy a deep connection with the environment that provides us with year-round inspiration and a place to call home.

Our proximity to the ocean however also gives us first-hand experience of the destruction wreaked by human industries. Unprecedented plastic pollution has been responsible for scarring our coastlines and devastating countless wildlife species, with hundreds of tons of plastic washing up on UK shores each year alone. We want to play no part in this.

We love our planet and now more than ever, it is time to fiercely protect it.

The Atlantic Blankets Sustainability Promise

Here at Atlantic Blankets we take sustainability seriously, creating timeless products for a priceless future.  From farmstead to bedstead, we have thought about the entire journey of our blankets, making sure every step is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Here are some things you might like to know about our sustainability promise:


We don’t believe in fast fashion. With their timeless designs, super-resilient qualities and irresistible warmth, our Cornish-designed, British-made blankets are made to last for generations. 

Cotton Blankets

Committed to environmentally-friendly production, we have been using recycled fibres for many years and continue to increase our recycled fabrics. Using 100% recycled materials, our gorgeous, recycled cotton blankets are something we are really proud of, creating beautiful pieces out of scrap materials destined to retting. If the end product wasn’t incentive enough, using these pre-dyed recycled materials also reduces greenhouse gases, conserves water, saves energy and negates the need for dyes and other harmful chemicals.

Wool Blankets

We think wool is amazing and have used it to create a range of pure new wool and recycled wool blankets. With innumerable beneficial qualities for humans, wool is also a really sustainable material that is 100% organic. Sourcing our wool from certified farms in the UK (or New Zealand if we’ve had a particular harsh winter), animal welfare is at the top of our priority list and we only ever use non-mulesed wool. Working with trusted mill partners in the UK, we then use traditional methods to create our wonderfully cosy blankets that are perfect for all seasons. Happy sheep, happy us.


Taking huge inspiration from our home and the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean, all of our products are designed by our team in Cornwall. Having sourced our eco-friendly materials, we work with trusted mill partners in the UK to bring these designs to life in the form of our luxurious blanket range. Forging strong relationships with our suppliers, we can guarantee the most ethical trading practices are upheld and benefit from full traceability.


Packaging is a major culprit in the production of single-use plastic, and we are proud to say that we have had no plastic in our mailing since 2018. Instead of plastic, we use kraft paper mailing bags, paper tape, and tissue paper, all of which is much kinder to the planet. Making sure nothing slips through the net, we also use string on our swing tags (so no nasty plastic kimbles) and reuse packaging whenever possible. Even our trade and wholesale orders are sent in reused cartons with our special “I’m reused, please forgive my appearance” stickers. Well, we think they look great!

In store

Not only is our sustainability promise in full swing behind the scenes, it also plays a central role in store too. Turning our backs on single-use plastic cups and bottles, all of our staff are given their own personalised mugs from beautiful Cornishware – massively reducing waste and saving on washing up too! Part of ever-evolving developments to protect our planet, we only ever use paper carrier bags which can be reused and recycled, and we use low energy light bulbs too.


At Atlantic Blankets we are constantly evaluating our sustainability practices and finding more and more ways to help protect the environment that we love so much.