Our Story

The North Coast of Cornwall has been our family’s home for generations. For millions of years these shores have been shaped by the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape here is wild, rugged, verdant. And on the wind: whispered calming secrets.

There’s plenty to be said for life by the ocean. The elements here seem somehow more vivid, more vital, more alive.

Summers are spent in a golden haze of sun, sand and sea, while quieter months offer respite and no less reward.

And it serves a wonderful purpose. We are a part of nature; sometimes we forget that. But nature does not forget. Her healing ways await without judgement, always close at hand.

It is a gift. To be cherished, and protected.

Over the years, living and working by the ocean, we’ve witnessed first-hand the destruction caused by human industry, and we couldn’t just sit by. Our ambition was for a timeless collection of lifetime-lasting blankets – beautiful blankets, beautifully balanced, beautifully built – to help protect our oceans and encourage others to nurture their connections.

And, slowly, as a seed comes to flower, Atlantic Blankets blossomed.

Our ambition is to share the joy and wonder of the ocean while helping protect its future. Our blankets are designed with both in mind.

Today, we remain independent and family-run, close to our roots and source of inspiration. And while nothing’s really changed, we’ve stopped at nothing, too, seeking better solutions, driven by a desire to celebrate and protect all that’s special in our world.

A blanket is simple, soulful, open to interpretation.

But those calming, protective qualities.

Like the essence of the ocean.

They’re woven into every one.

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