Feel close to the coast

About Us

Traditionally woven in the British Isles from the finest fabrics, our blankets are sustainably designed with comfort and care in mind – keeping you close to the coast, inside and out.

Coastal provenance

We were born on the coast. Living and working beside the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast of Cornwall, every day we're reminded of nature's beauty, its calming powers and its gentle, soulful ways.

And this beauty is the secret behind Atlantic Blankets. The secret that seeps into each blanket design, that guides our values and drives our mission to craft beautiful blankets inspired by our love of the ocean, bringing comfort and care to people and planet.

Born of a belief that the more you value something, the more you care for it, our luxurious collection of ocean-inspired blankets has been consciously crafted to encourage you to rekindle your connections.

And to help protect what matters most.

From sea to stitch

Atlantic Blankets began in 2014 as a heartfelt response to a pressing need: to strike a delicate balance between the joys of motherhood and a career filled with passion and purpose. 

In this journey, driven by a profound love for the ocean and guided by a background in interior design, Atlantic Blankets found its beautiful beginnings.

It wasn't just about work; it was about weaving the threads of our passion and expertise into a tapestry of warmth and comfort, mirroring the love we have for the sea and our heartfelt desire to create something truly special.

And so, Atlantic Blankets was born.

Our ambition is to share the joy and wonder of the ocean while helping protect its future. Our blankets are designed with both in mind.

Protection, through connection

Building better bonds with the ocean is at the heart of all we do: When you love something you protect it and so the more of us that seek solace in the sea, the more of us will be driven to safeguard our beautiful coastline.

Our pioneering, planet-friendly blankets and throws are designed and woven to enhance our love of the ocean, to extend our days by the sea and to bring us the comfort of the coast.

The fabric of our foundations

Naturally, we take a far-reaching view of sustainability. For us it goes beyond materials and processes, we know that our impact is woven in – to every decision, and every blanket.

From supporting ocean protecting charities like Surfers Against Sewage to ensuring our energy supplier is 100% green, we're considering our impact at every turn to make sure we're really doing things the best way we can.

A family affair

And our proudest achievement? Growing a business that supports our family.

We're in a very lucky position where our passion has also allowed us to work together as a family, to choose when we work and to be there for our children when we want to be, to show them what's possible and to inspire their futures.

Instead of a board or shareholders we have each other, two children, a brilliant team and a wonderful community to keep pushing us forwards, to keep making Atlantic Blankets the best it can be.

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