Seamlessly blending work and play, we are more than just a brand; we're woven by a passionate family, all united by a deep love for the sea.

Our roots

Atlantic Blankets began as a creative escape, blending parenthood with a passion for the ocean. Founded by Gemma in 2014 and joined by Al in 2017, a love for marketing and communication is beautifully fused with interior design flair.

A beach-loving family of four – Gemma, Al, Ruby, and Jago make up the Atlantic family. Living by the sea in Perranporth, their weekends are a mix of sandcastles, surfing, and soaking in the coastal beauty.

Extended family

The incredible extended family that makes Atlantic Blankets shine:

Michelle manages our Perranporth shop with a friendly smile and warm heart.

Megan is the creative photography genius behind our content, infusing warmth and personality into everything we share.

Alison heads our Customer Experience, ensuring that every customer's journey is as cosy as our blankets.

Wendy & Karoline are the dynamic duo from the St Ives store, ready to welcome you like beloved cousins, sharing their passion for comfort and style.

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