For us, pursuing purpose alongside profit is key to playing our part in safeguarding our environment.

Protecting what we love

We love what we do and we love where we do it. And increasingly we're convinced that companies have a vital role to play in prioritising people and planet alongside profit.

This is what drives our charity partnerships; we seek projects that connect to our values, that we can support as a team and where we can feel proud of the difference we are making.

From working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust to supporting Surfers Against Sewage and local groups and events in our Cornish community, we're pleased to be doing good things in the world.

Reserve Guardians

In 2023 we became Reserve Guardians of Penhale Dunes, one of the largest dune systems in Cornwall and a nature reserve on our doorstep, managed by Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

To be able to play our role in protecting this area is something we're fiercely proud of. Penhale dunes are such a huge part of our local landscape and a haven for biodiversity but sand dunes are listed as a habitat deeply at risk from biodiversity loss and so the role that Cornwall Wildlife Trust play in managing the area is more vital than ever.

We're looking forward to launching our Penhale collection in 2024 and also to better understanding the dunes and the challenges they face.

Sharing the Ocean

We've talked elsewhere about cold water swimming and the positive effects it can have on mental health.

This was the motivation behind our sharing the ocean project which we launched in 2023 with local cold water swim coach Sarah of Cornish Kelpie.

We're supporting Sarah to open up access to her 'introduction to cold water swimming' courses to those who would be unable to access it otherwise. For us this is a perfect example of companies playing an active, and creative, role in improving their local community. We get to support a local small business, we get to support local people in need and we get to connect even more people with the coast.

Ocean Network Members

It's impossible to enjoy the ocean in Cornwall and not know about Surfers Against Sewage and their tireless work to protect the sea.

As a team of devoted water lovers it was only natural that we would support their work and we've been members of the Ocean Network since 2019, joining an inspiring network of businesses and individuals united in their passion to protect our beaches, waves and wildlife.

And more...

Alongside these partnerships we are delighted to support plenty of community events and projects, either via monetary donations or products. Our team are always happy to review requests and to see what we can support.

We give priority to projects which are local or which align with our values and mission - and projects which make us feel good!

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