Crafting Memories: Interview with Wanderlust Life Founder Georgie

Crafting Memories: Interview with Wanderlust Life Founder Georgie

Georgie Roberts, founder of Wanderlust Life, shares insights on beach life, inspirations, and Wanderlust Life's commitment to sustainability and community.


Could you share the story behind the inception of Wanderlust Life? What inspired you to create a jewellery brand?

Wanderlust Life was started 10 years ago in 2013, after returning from a winter in Mexico. I had worked in different jobs; from working in creative agencies, running yoga retreats and opening galleries - but I always knew that I wanted to be at the helm of my own ship. I was lucky enough to spend the winters travelling abroad and it was actually whilst doodling on an aeroplane that the idea for Wanderlust Life was born. I just wrote down a list of all the things I loved, things that give me spark - and went from there!

What inspired those ideas to become a jewellery brand? My mum has always been super into gemstones and at the time I was in search of a minimal necklace - which became our no.1 bestseller, still today! It was a happy accident at the time, with a collision of minimalism and meaning which has continued to grow into a brand creating jewellery to make a statement, capture memories, carry an intention and spread love!


Your jewellery pieces are known for their simplicity and elegance. Where do you draw inspiration when designing new collections?

Nature is our constant inspiration, and it's hard not to be inspired by our surroundings when we live in such a beautiful place - whether that's from our coastline, or the sea. Our most recent collection Sundaze is infused with our love of summertime and a playful nod to nostalgic beach trips in the 90s. We have hand cast cowry shells from our local beach, and make a grown-up version of a shell choker chain!



Living by the ocean seems to play a significant role in your life and work. How does the ocean influence your daily routines, wellbeing, and overall creative process at Wanderlust Life?

Living by the coast is a huge part of our culture as a business; our surroundings inspire our aesthetic, designs and collections, but it also inspires how we work as a team. I’m a big advocate of a good work/life balance, I think living by the coast does embrace slow living - in a really good way! Slowing down allows space, and that helps create clarity with all aspects of life and work. I really do try and practice gratitude for running a creative business whilst living in such a beautiful environment.


What are some of your favourite local spots, activities, or hidden gems along the coast?

I love a swim and a sea sauna at Saunton, our local beach. The session are £10, so its really accessible to everyone. I 100% recommend a high tide booking, so you can switch between the two.

I’m also a huge fan of a bellyboard. I have a few wooden ones, from a collab we did with Dick Pearce. They are SO much fun, and I love that they spark laughter and joy from whoever rides them, whether it's your first go or whether you’re a seasoned pro.
Once we’re all hungry after a day on the beach, we love to head over to Cluck. It's a pop-up chicken shop in Croyde, and honestly they are the BEST chicken burgers you’ll ever eat.



Looking ahead, what are your future goals for Wanderlust Life? Are there any exciting projects or new directions you’re planning to explore that you can share with us?


We’re really proud that in the last few weeks we have just become a certified B Corp! Sustainability is very much at the heart of what we do. I always wanted to build a business based on kindness and love, to build a team I could inspire and care for and forge a community to share it all with.

Being rewarded for favouring people and the planet over profit with our certification feels like a real accolade. I’m looking forward to continuing to focus on sustainability within our designs. We have some new collections and collaborations in the pipeline that I'm really excited to share in the not too distant future.


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