Autumn, with its crisp air, vibrant foliage, and cosy vibes, is a season that beckons us to slow down and savour the simple pleasures of life. And what better place to do that than by the coast? The sound of crashing waves, the salty sea breeze, and the stunning coastal landscapes all add a unique charm to the season.

Here's our favourite ways to spend autumn by the coast -

Autumnal Walks

  1. A Stroll Along the Beach: There's something enchanting about taking a walk on the beach during autumn. The crowds have thinned, and the shoreline is often adorned with colourful leaves and shells. As the sun sets earlier, you can witness breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange and pink. Our favourite autumn beach has to be our wonderful Perranporth, with it's large stretch offering the perfect place to explore, whilst finishing with a drink at the infamous Wateringhole.

  2. Hiking Coastal Trails: Immersing in nature and witnessing the transformation of the coastal landscape as it dons its autumnal attire. We love the Perranporth to St Agnes, or Holywell to Polly Joke walks.

  3. Exploring Coastal Towns: Coastal towns and villages have a unique charm during the autumn months. The quaint streets lined with charming cottages and local shops take on a magical quality. Our Cornish favourites to visit in autumn include - Port Isaac, St Ives, St Mawes and Sennen Cove.

Cosy Nights In

  1. Stargazing: Autumn nights can be clear and crisp, making them ideal for stargazing. We love to bundle up in blankets and venture outside to admire the constellations. The absence of city lights by the coast often provides a stellar display.

  2. Reading Nooks: Setting up a comfortable reading nook, with our favourite cushions and blanket, and losing ourselves in captivating stories while the sound of the rain, wind or waves serves as a soothing background soundtrack.

Whether you're taking leisurely autumnal walks along the beach or cosying up for nights in, grab your blankets and create lasting autumn memories.