In June 2021, our home county of Cornwall played host to one of the world’s most widely anticipated political events of the year, the G7 Summit. Held above the gleaming sands of Carbis Bay, the event brought together government leaders from across the world to raise awareness of global challenges, including economic issues, health emergencies and the climate crisis.

Not just the first summit to be held in the UK since 2013, but the first in-person meeting of world leaders since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the proximity of this year’s meeting was all the more poignant for us here in Cornwall. In a county that’s been hit hard by climate change and plastic pollution, social and economic pressures and the events of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were all eager to see key issues addressed.

Particularly invested in the environment and sustainability at Atlantic Blankets, we were absolutely delighted to be approached by the Government to help with the G7 summit. One of 15 companies enlisted to provide items to be used throughout the event, our luxury wool blankets ranged alongside artisan chocolate, natural soaps, ethically-sourced coffee, Cornish furniture and more to welcome world leaders, international delegates and the media.

After initial disbelief at being asked to be involved, we quickly set to work creating blankets for each of the world leaders. Using designs representing the region, we were honoured to have the opportunity to share our love for the county and passion for sustainability. Working alongside some of the county’s best local creatives, it was an amazing opportunity to showcase Cornish talent and local, sustainable products.

G7 Cornwall Blanket

“We got a call out of the blue,” say Gemma Teague and Alistair Graham, owners of Atlantic Blankets.  “They said they had seen our blankets and asked if we could supply them to the G7 delegates. Of course, we said yes. Absolutely."

G7 Cornwall Blanket

Gemma went on to say: “To imagine world leaders wrapped up in blankets, it’s a real pinch me moment.  We’re so proud to be involved and it’s bizarre to think one of our designs could end up at the White House!”. 

G7 Cornwall Blanket Straps

“From farmstead to bedstead, the entire journey of our blankets is carefully thought through, ensuring every step is as sustainable as possible. Taking huge inspiration from the Atlantic Ocean that all but laps at our doorstep and the unrivalled landscapes of Cornwall, we very much focus on both celebrating and protecting our environment. Hopefully, we’ve been able to share this with the world leaders and provide some comfort too”.

G7 Cornwall blanket strap

Originally the G8, the G7 summit is an annual, international event that joins together the leaders of the world's largest advanced economies. As well as our own Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States all attended the event held in Cornwall this year. Catalysing global change, guest representatives from Australia, India and South Korea were also invited.