As a pioneering creative business, we relish our responsibility to the environment. Everything we do has an impact, and we’re committed to making sure that impact is as positive as possible.

Made in the UK



Beautiful craft, built to last

Britain has such a wonderful weaving heritage. For centuries, master craftspersons have produced slowly-woven works of stunning quality.

Yet, in recent decades consumers have been drawn to cheaper foreign goods. Poorly-made product produced through unethical practice and toxic process. A disposable consumer culture has emerged while priceless skills and mills have been threatened. It’s short-sighted, and we don’t subscribe.

In a stance against fast fashion, we’ve forged long-term relations with the UK’s leading mills and makers. We pay our partners properly, and the benefits are clear: minimal environmental impact, safeguarded skills and jobs – and, quite simply, the most beautiful, durable blankets.

For us, slow is the only way to go.

Making more of nature’s magic

We’ve been using recycled fibres for years, and each year we increase the amount we use - it’s just one part of our uncompromising commitment to sustainability.

Today, all of our cotton blankets are made using 100% recycled cotton. Working with top-grade, predyed materials not only saves waste, it reduces greenhouse gases, conserves water, and saves precious energy too.

Plus, of course, wool is simply wonderful. It’s naturally antibacterial, extremely durable and highly sustainable. And with animal welfare a top priority, our organic and recycled, non-mulesed wool only comes from certified farms in the UK (or New Zealand, if we’ve had a particularly harsh winter).

Our approach is making a positive impact. But we stop at nothing in pursuit of improvement.

We believe in the power of positive influence: through our sustainability principles, we shine a light on a better way.

Positively plastic free

Plastic is a major pollutant of our planet, and particularly, our oceans. And while awareness and action has risen in recent years, there's always more that we can do.

Packaging is often the culprit. So, since 2018, plastic has had no part to play in ours – whether in store or mailed out. All of our packaging is reusable and recyclable, and as far as possible we use recycled materials and always reuse what we can.

It’s just one small step towards helping protect our precious coastlines.

Green behind the scenes

As a modern creative business, one of our challenges is to impact as lightly as possible on the environment. Every decision counts, and sourcing from responsible suppliers close to home is a great place to start.

Not only does it reduce emissions, it maintains highest standards. That’s why, from end to end, we only purchase from trusted partners in the UK. In fact, we only ever look beyond these shores if we’ve had a particularly harsh winter, when our wool comes from certified partners in New Zealand.

Our approach is transparent and traceable, and we’re proud to shine a light on the way we work.

A people-first approach

Sustainability is not an ideology: it’s our responsibility. That’s why we take great care to make sure every step has the environment at heart.

Yet, we believe too that sustainability encompasses a wider, holistic approach. We’re dedicated to creating the most beautiful, lowest-impact blankets, and for us that’s only possible with a healthy, happy team and sound supplier relations. We work hard to safeguard both. From investing in the welfare of our staff to protecting the partners we employ, we always put our people first.

Because, through stability, sustainability breathes. 

The future's in our hands

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to improve our product and approach, and we’ve taken many positive strides. 

Even so, we’re restless in our drive to better our practices. We’re constantly evaluating, and searching for new ways to protect our oceans, our people and the environment – and we’ll never stop.

Except, of course, when we seek the soul of the sea.

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