We're on a mission to craft beautiful blankets inspired by our love of the ocean, bringing comfort and care to people and planet.

Happy humans, happy oceans

As a company founded deep in the heart of the Cornish coast, the Atlantic ocean is at the core of what we do and of who we are. The ocean is our muse and it's also where we go to unwind, to reconnect with nature.

This deep connection to the coast means we see and feel the very visible effects of a changing climate and of human impact. From shores littered with plastic pollution to days when we won't enter the water because of warnings from the SAS 'Safer Seas' app, we have daily reminders that things need to change.

We want to play our part in this change, to make the world a little better and to protect what we love so that future generations can enjoy the same connections we cherish.

Feel good, do good

For us, it’s simple. Whether surfing wild swells or seeking peace in our surroundings, nothing tops nature to nourish and inspire. And we believe it’s human nature to protect what’s important to us.

We're working hard to understand our impact on people and planet and we want to share this with you, our community, to shine a light on the things we're doing really well and to share the areas where we're setting ourselves targets to do even better.

Our first 'Atlantic Impact' report is our opportunity to look across everything we do, from charity partnerships to sourcing materials, and we'd love you to take a look.

Find your love, protect our oceans

Our Cornish-designed blankets and throws have been consciously crafted in UK mills, created to bring you a sense of peace and place in nature, keeping you cosy, warm and dry whatever the elements.

Companions for a lifetime, designed to be passed down generations, our blankets are super-soft and naturally warm and resilient. And we’ve worked hard to make sure that every step and every last detail is as environmentally-friendly and transparent and traceable as possible.

So you can feel close to the coast, inside and out.

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