Our ambition is to share the joy and wonder of the ocean while helping protect its future. Our blankets are designed with both in mind.

Happy humans, happy oceans

As a tight-knit team working and playing beside the Atlantic Ocean, we feel blessed by our environment. It helps us to unwind and reconnect – yet we never take its beauty and grace for granted. 

Human industries continue to wreak havoc. Plastic pollution has been responsible for scarring our coastlines and devastating countless wildlife species. Hundreds of tons of plastic washes up on UK shores each year alone.

We want to play no part in this, and, now more than ever, our oceans need protecting.

Feel good, do good

For us, it’s simple. Whether surfing wild swells or seeking peace in our surroundings, nothing tops nature to nourish and inspire. And we believe it’s human nature to protect what’s important to us.

So, from day one our aim has been to encourage more meaningful connections with nature and champion positive wellbeing as a better way of life. In doing so, we hope to create a healthier future for our oceans.

We believe the two go hand in hand.

Find your love, protect our oceans

Our Cornish-designed blankets and throws have been consciously crafted to give you a sense of peace and place in nature, and to keep you cosy, warm and dry – helping you make more of nature's magic by protecting you from the elements.

Companions for a lifetime, designed to be passed down generations, our blankets are super-soft and naturally warm and resilient. And we’ve worked hard to make sure that every step and every last detail is as environmentally-friendly and transparent and traceable as possible.

So you can feel close to the coast, inside and out.

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