About Us

Traditionally woven in the British Isles from the finest fabrics, our blankets are sustainably designed with comfort and care in mind – keeping you close to the coast, inside and out.

Deepening connections

It’s no secret: nature nourishes and heals. And we are blessed. Living and working beside the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast of Cornwall, every day we’re reminded of nature’s nurturing abundance, its calming respite, its gentle, soulful ways.

Yet so often as people we neglect the gift of nature. We don’t have the time, or the opportunity. And we carry on with our lives, forgetting, often, the quiet destruction of mankind’s ways.

Born of a belief that the more you value something, the more you care for it, our luxurious collection of ocean-inspired blankets has been consciously crafted to encourage you to rekindle your connections.

And to help protect what matters most.

Happiness is a warm blanket

Traditionally woven in UK mills using 100% sustainably-sourced, natural, organic and recycled materials, our eco-blankets and throws are soft as the softest sand, and designed to last a lifetime.

Our ambition is to share the joy and wonder of the ocean while helping protect its future. Our blankets are designed with both in mind.

Protection, through connection

Building better bonds with the ocean is at the heart of all we do: our pioneering, planet-friendly blankets and throws are designed and woven to enable it.

The fabric of our foundations

Naturally, we take a far-reaching view of sustainability. For us it goes beyond materials, process and impact, and is woven in – to every decision, and every blanket.

Simply better, by nature

From 100% recycled cotton to pure, organic and recycled wool, we’ve turned more pebbles than the Atlantic in our quest for stand-out, super-resilient sustainable natural materials.

A life less hurried

Years back, to keep us cosy and safe from the elements – and the ocean from harmful waste and humans – we sought a blanket built beautifully for purpose. No joy. So, we set about creating one.

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