The Best Warm Blankets to Keep You Cosy This Winter

The Best Warm Blankets to Keep You Cosy This Winter

There’s nothing quite like the soft, heavy embrace of a warm blanket to keep you cosy – especially in winter. And with the colder months well and truly on the way, we can’t wait to snuggle up underneath sumptuous layers of blankety goodness and revel in this atmospheric time of year.

Full of the kind of serotonin-releasing warmth and comfort that we all need from time to time, we’ve picked out our favourite warm blankets for winter, as perfect for days at home as days on the road. Have a browse and pick your favourite for a winter warmer you’ll never want to be without.

Warm Wool Blankets

If you are looking for the warmest blankets for days at home and by the coast, our wool blankets are sure to win you over. With a heavily heavenly embrace, our luxury wool blankets have all sorts of amazing qualities – able to naturally regulate temperature and self-purify too. Super cosy, really resilient and highly durable, they tick all the boxes for the most idyllic winter warmer. What’s more, every single one of our wool blankets is designed in Cornwall and made from 100% sustainably sourced wool in UK mills. Have a browse through our classic styles or opt for a random recycled wool blanket and savour the snuggest embrace, Atlantic style.

Brushed Cotton Blankets

Some of the best blankets for keeping warm this winter, our recycled cotton blankets are simply irresistible. Lifelong companions made from recycled cotton, these seriously soft blankets are sustainably made and made to last, both protecting the environment and providing the most hygge-worthy hugs. With plenty of styles to choose from, including our special dual-sided reversible cotton blankets, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out your favourite. They also come in a range of sizes, with blankets perfect for enjoying all to yourself or enveloping your whole crew. Bundle up and burrow down in your brushed cotton blanket for blissful warmth this winter.

Fleece Blankets

Must-have winter essentials, our fleece blankets are the cosiest companions for winter days. With days squeezed either side and shortened daylight hours, nothing will be cosier than slow mornings and early evenings at home with your fleecy blanket wrapped around your shoulders or draped over your lap. Designed in Cornwall and made in Britain, they come in a range of sizes and colours so you can find just the right one (or ones) to suit your style. And, being really easy to look after, they’re also great for taking out and about with you too, unbeatable for warding off cool breezes during day trips and coastal jaunts in the beautiful, windswept depths of winter.

Baby Blankets

At Atlantic Blankets, our luxury blankets come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that everyone can find their soul-blanket. Ensuring that no generation misses out on the utmost cosiness this winter, we also have a beautiful range of baby blankets, too. Lovingly designed with little ones in mind, our baby blankets are made especially for wee ones to enjoy, coming in just the right size to provide comfort at home and on the go. Choose from a gorgeous selection of colours and styles and pick a timeless snuggle companion for your babe. Be it in bed, in the car or out and about, a cosy blanket will provide a little piece of home wherever you may be.

Blanket Gift Sets

If you are looking for the perfect gift to send to a loved one this winter, why not send a blanket gift set? Coming in a range of different styles for adults and children, our luxury blanket gift sets include either a wool, recycled wool or recycled cotton blanket, topped with extra treats like candles and chocolate for the ultimate winter bundle. Ready to be sent directly to the door of your lucky recipient, you can send out feel-good vibes and warmth to family and friends, either to celebrate a special or simply to share the warmth this winter. Have a browse of our Hug in a Box gift sets and give a gift that can be cherished and used time and time again.


For the best blankets to keep you warm this winter, take a look at our full range of luxury Atlantic Blankets here.