Amy Jones is an inspiring yoga teacher, trainer and mentor based in Cornwall, where her love of surfing lead her to discover yoga, and the two now play a major part within her life.

Amy is passionate about empowering yoga teachers, and other wellness entrepreneurs, to thrive within business.

We caught up with Amy to talk about her latest venture Prosperous Yogini.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Amy Yoga?

I live on the North Cornish coast with my family and golden doodle called Pancake! I have 3 main passions in life; my family, surfing and sharing the light that is yoga with as many people as I possible can.


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When did yoga become part of your life?

I initially started practicing yoga in 2004, I’d just started surfing and realised that I need to find some upper body strength to improve my pop-up. I was soon hooked and by 2009 had trained to be a yoga teacher and started running in-person classes.  Since then my yoga business has expanded into offering classes both online and in-person, yoga teacher training courses and mentoring female yoga teachers.

How did you come up with the idea for the Prosperous Yogini?

I’ve been training and mentoring yoga teachers since 2017, working predominately with women.  The covid pandemic forced me to pivot my business online, I now work with yoga teachers not just in the UK, but have had clients as far as Australia! 

To date my mentoring services have been 1:2:1, I find the same problems come up time and time again and can often repeat myself several times in one day.  The idea behind Prosperous Yogini is to create a podcast, mentoring programme and online community so I can help more women.  Alongside my passion for yoga I love seeing women thrive in business and create something that they and their students love.  Prosperous Yogini isn’t just for female yoga teachers, it will also support Pilates instructors, massage therapist and other female wellness entrepreneurs.

What was the vision and how did it come to light?

I’ve been mulling over how to deliver my 1:2:1 mentoring in a group context for the last 12 months.  The podcast came after a conversation with a friend who told me I was born to talk, she was right I can talk for Britain! I’ve been running online yoga teacher training courses through Teachable and combining this with the online community space at Circle.  I love the combination of these two platforms, it allows me to create online courses, that are supported by interactive communities. This is how the Prosperous Yogini programme and online community will be delivered.

How did you find the experience of creating a podcast?

I’ve got plenty to say, so actually creating the content is not a problem for me, if anything trying to keep the podcast to a reasonable length can be an issue.  But the tech side has been a challenge, luckily I have a very supportive hubby, who has helped me connect my podcast via my WordPress website, Apple and Spotify.  The covid pandemic taught me many things and one is that everything on the tech front can be figured out, it can be hugely frustrating and time consuming, but the end result is always worth it.   

Where do you find inspiration and motivation?

I have a few she-heroes!

I love Denise-Duffield Thomas, and all her advice on money and running a business and the permission she gives women to make money and change the world.

I am also a huge fan of Jen Sincero author of “You are a badass”, who’s straight forward talking has inspired me into just getting on with it and take action.

And then finally I love Lucy Sheridan, I’ve done some training with her, and she just totally inspires you to run your business on your terms and honour you.  It’s here where we can shine, rather than forcing ourselves to try to be something we’re not.

My motivation comes from not just my love of yoga, but the huge sense of joy I get when I see those I work with thriving and creating a yoga business that works for them and their students.  I also love working with people to bring their ideas to light.

What message do you hope to promote through the podcast?

I’d hope to inspire yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs to believe that they already have all that they need to create a sustainable, profitable business.  We can over-come the noise of the mind-stuff that will have us believe otherwise, love what we do, help people and make money!

What one piece of advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a yoga teacher?

Just take action and commit, it is easy to get stuck in indecision, waiting for the ‘right time’, but it’s a little like having a baby there is no right time, there is always some excuse you can find to wait.  Our minds love to keep us safe, and safe is the familiar, but there’s no change or expansion here, and sometimes we’ve just got to go for it!

When you’re not teaching yoga how do you find your calm?

100% the ocean, I love surfing and feel very grateful to live on the North Cornish Coast and have a job that I can craft around the odd surf session with my friends.

How can people find you?

Website with all info on Prosperous Yogini podcast, mentoring programme and online community

Instagram - @amyyoga.teacher.trainer

Facebook – @amyyoga.teacher.trainer

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