We are thrilled to unveil our Random Recycled Blankets in a spectrum of stunning colours, each one proudly made in Britain and a unique blend of warmth and sustainability.

Embrace comfort and eco-conscious style like never before - which colour will you choose to cosy up with? 
Buy your Random Recycled Wool Blanket now - Standard Size £39 or 2 for £65.



Colour option 1
Colour option 2
Colour option 3
Colour option 4
Colour option 
Colour option 6 
Colour option 7
Colour option 8
Colour option 9
Colour option 10
Colour option 11
Colour option 12


Buy your Random Recycled Wool Blanket now - Standard Size 

Our latest colour combinations as of April 9, 2024.

Please note colours may vary slightly.