Where well-being, wisdom, and the magic of the ocean unite.


We are thrilled to introduce our transformative "Sharing the Ocean" project at Atlantic Blankets, where we blend the elements of well-being, ocean exploration, and safety education. This project is all about celebrating the sea, empowering women, and fostering a deep connection with the ocean. 

We're offering an extraordinary opportunity for 12 remarkable women to spend quality time with the inspiring Sarah Walsh from Cornish Kelpie.

Holistic journey

This project goes beyond sea dipping; it's a holistic journey that encompasses well-being and environmental consciousness.

Participants will not only enjoy the therapeutic embrace of the sea but also gain valuable insights into the ocean's power, its tides, and the importance of safe practices.

Meet Sarah

The heart and soul behind Cornish Kelpie, and the guiding force of our "Sharing the Ocean" project.

Sarah is a true ocean aficionado, an environmentalist, and a passionate advocate for the beauty and conservation of our oceans. With her deep-seated knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Sarah has dedicated her life to understanding and embracing the ocean.

Her connection to the sea is palpable, as she effortlessly weaves together the enchantment of the ocean with her vast wisdom about its tides, and power.

But Sarah is more than just an ocean expert; she is a compassionate mentor and an inspiring presence. Her genuine love for the sea and its inhabitants shines through in her work, making her a natural leader in our mission to empower women and foster well-being through oceanic experiences. 

We're honoured to have Sarah as the guiding light of our "Sharing the Ocean" project, where her passion, knowledge, and dedication breathe life into our mission of sharing the magic of the ocean with all.

Nominate someone special

Do you know someone extraordinary who deserves the chance to experience the magic of the sea through our "Sharing the Ocean" project?

To nominate someone, simply email shop@atlanticblankets.com with the subject ‘Sharing the Ocean’.

Please note this will take place once a year, in Cornwall, during Spring.

Together, let's bring the ocean's magic to someone's life.

5 Top tips

Throwing yourself into the cold water is something to prepare for, to be informed about. For this reason, we asked Sarah to share her 5 top tips for cold water swimming in the winter months.

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