Summer Solstice - 5 Ways

Summer Solstice - 5 Ways

Make the most of the longest day of the year, celebrate the light and nature with morning yoga, sea dips and walks.

The Summer Solstice takes place this year on Saturday 20 June and is a cause of celebration whether you have a spiritual connection or to simply celebrate the astrological start of summer. With the earliest sunrise and latest sunset the day offers up lots of opportunities to make the most of the light.

Traditionally it's a time of new beginnings, and it feels like that's exactly what's needed right now; a day to reflect and look forward to the summer ahead.

Here are 5 ways to help celebrate this years summer solstice - 

1 - Morning yoga

There's no better way to start your day than with a morning yoga routine, and on this special day why not take your routine outdoors.

Make the most of the sunlight and good energy with a morning stretch outside; nourish the body and soul and start the summer with a happy energised mind. Take your mat to the beach for an even deeper connection to the world.

2 - Get outdoors

Embrace the sun and its power by simply getting outdoors. Make the most of the longest day by staying out later; choose the longer route on the daily walk, or finally embrace that coastal path.

Pack a picnic, and blanket, and find a new spot to enjoy some lunch; sit back and enjoy the surroundings, take in a new view or simply take the time to enjoy the views that have always been there.

3 - Sea Dip

If you can, feel a deeper connection to the earths energy with a dip in the sea. Embrace the swimsuit, ditch the wetsuit, and feel the full effects of the ocean.

4 - Bring Nature Home

Take some of natures energy back home, pick some wild flowers, or buy some flowers from the local florist and fill the home with colours and scents from outside.

5 - Reflect

The summer solstice is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect and make plans for the season ahead. 

The solstice has long been associated with the sun, and in turn fire; so why not burn your favourite candle, relax and let the mind be free.

Let's make the most of the latter half of this weird, and certainly memorable, year.  


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