Meet Kat, our new brand ambassador

Meet Kat, our new brand ambassador

We were delighted when Kathryn Chalk from Kat's Surf Forecasts said 'yes' to becoming our first official brand ambassador. 

Kat's warmth, love of the sea and constant smile all sit well with us here at Atlantic Blankets, and we think she's the perfect match to help spread the love of blankets no matter what the weather. Find out more about Kat below; 

Tell us more about your Kat’s Surf Forecasts blog

Kat’s Surf Forecasts is my YouTube channel dedicated to surf forecasting in the Southwest. I provide weekly videos for the weekend surf forecast, in a similar style to watching the weather forecast on TV – I haven’t bought a green screen just yet though! It is in a very relaxed format and I’ve now started to create vlogs to show what I’ve been up to, for example volunteering for The Wave Project, weekend surf trips or surf camp reviews.

Between the weekly videos, I also provided daily forecast summaries on my Instagram and even a few games on my insta stories – you can find me @kats_surf_forecasts!

Where did the inspiration come from?

The inspiration for the channel came about soon after moving to Exeter and chasing my goal of becoming a broadcast meteorologist. I noticed the presenter giving a brief summary of the surf conditions and I simply wondered if there was a gap for a ‘surf forecast presenter’? So, I decided to try it out myself!  I am so grateful of the opportunities it has created so far, not only has it taught me a great deal about surf science and built an amazing community, it has also helped boost my confidence on camera, which was one of the main reasons for the channel.

You’ve dreamt about being a weather girl for years, what do you love most about the weather?

I have indeed – since the age of 11 and still aim to do one thing every day that brings me closer to that dream. One thing I love, which is pretty UK focused is that the weather gets us all talking.

‘Weather’ it’s rolling our eyes about the rain, blowing off the cobwebs on a windy coastal walk or embracing every minute of daylight in the Summer; we all secretly have a passion for the weather and it’s exciting we live on an island where the weather changes day to day.

What’s your favourite weather forecast and wave conditions?

Being a lover of all seasons; I’m not sure I can pick my favourite weather forecast. When it’s winter I feel nostalgic over the summer sun, yet when it’s here I’m then dreaming about autumnal cosy days with hot chocolates. For surfing though, seeing clean 3 ft waves with the beautiful sun shining is just perfection – winter sun or summer sun I’m not fussy!

Have you always surfed? What got you in to surfing?

I am originally from Hertfordshire, which is just North of London and as you can imagine there is not much surf.... I got into surfing around 4 years ago by an ex-boyfriend. We ventured to Newquay for a holiday and I had my first and very poor attempt of surfing. 2 years ago I then moved to the Southwest for a job and now aim to head into the surf at least once a week if possible.

What do you love most about surfing?

Being so landlocked for most of my life, surfing has made me fall in love with the magic of the ocean and I have met some amazing like-minded people from it. It’s a feeling I’ve never had with any other sport; I love the whole process of driving up to the beach, watching the lines come in and then feeling excited to go share some waves with everyone.

What inspires you?

Chasing my dream job inspires me on a daily basis, knowing all the small steps I am taking is leading me closer to that dream or at least opening up a different pathway. Nature is also a big inspiration and I am forever reminded how lucky I am to be living in the beautiful Southwest when I am exploring somewhere new.

What makes you happy?

Tea and biscuits! Haha to be honest it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I love to help others, be creative by baking cupcakes or simply sitting watching the sunset – it’s the small things in life.

You’re often at the beach, whether volunteering for the Wave Project or surfing, where’s your favourite beach?

Living in Exeter, I try and visit a beach at least once a week, whether that’s 20 mins drive to Budleigh Salterton, volunteering at the Wave Project in Bigbury or driving an hour plus to reach the North Coast for a surf. I recently surfed Gwithian and it was just beautiful however Saunton in North Devon is still my absolute favourite.

What are your must haves for the ultimate beach day?

Lots of snacks! I swear by Oreos and a Fanta post surf – try not to judge… Most importantly though, amazing company by friends who either want to go for a surf, go shell hunting or are content to just sit and watch the sunset! Then the added extras; a beautiful blanket or two, flip flops, a magazine and a cosy jumper for the post surf.

Which blankets would you choose for the following -

Spring beach days 
Yellow herringbone wool picnic blanket
Summer evenings around the campfire 
Random recycled wool blanket
Autumn van travels 
Navy stripe recycled cotton blanket
Winter storm watching 
Dusk tides wool blanket
Follow Kat's journey;
Kat with our yellow blanket
Image credits - Lou @ EatWavesForBreakfast, Markus Brown