Celebrating St. Piran's Day: Our Favourite Cornish Inspirations

Celebrating St. Piran's Day: Our Favourite Cornish Inspirations

  • To celebrate St. Piran's Day, we take a look at our favourite Cornish inspirations - unveiling the stories behind each of our designs.

  • Swell Designs: Capturing the Dynamic Rhythm of the Atlantic

  • The ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean, with its mesmerising swell designs, have left an indelible mark on Cornwall's coastline. Our blankets pay homage to this dance of the sea, featuring designs that mirror the dynamic rhythm of waves crashing against the shore. Wrap yourself in the embrace of the Atlantic with blankets that echo the spirit of Cornwall's coastal beauty.


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    Portolan: Navigating the Seas of Design

  • The intricate beauty of portolan charts, used by sailors to navigate the vast seas, finds its way into our designs. Our Portolan-inspired blankets are a testament to the seafaring history of Cornwall, offering a visual journey that mirrors the navigational precision of the sailors who once sailed these waters.

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  • Seaside Stripes: Nautical Elegance

  • The timeless allure of seaside stripes captures the essence of Cornwall's coastal charm. Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic waves along the shore, our blankets adorned with seaside stripes bring a touch of nautical elegance to your home.

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  •  Morse Code: Secret Messages in the Weave
  • Incorporating Morse code into our designs brings an element of mystery and communication to your living space. Unravel the hidden messages within the stitches, as each blanket becomes a unique tapestry of Cornish stories and sentiments.

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  • Shell: Whispering Tales of the Ocean

    The delicate beauty of shells found along Cornwall's coastline serves as inspiration for our shell-themed blankets. These designs capture the essence of the ocean's whispers, allowing you to cocoon yourself in the stories of the sea as you wrap up in the warmth of Atlantic Blankets.
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  • Beachcomber: Treasures from the Shore

  • Embrace the art of discovery with our Beachcomber-inspired blankets, echoing the joy of stumbling upon treasures along the shoreline. Each blanket becomes a collection of coastal memories, weaving together the stories of the sea and the ever-changing landscapes of Cornwall.

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  • Cornish Palm: Symbol of Tenacity and Grace

    The Cordyline australis, fondly known as the Cornish palm, stands tall against the winds that sweep across Cornwall's rugged terrain. Just as this hardy plant symbolises resilience, our Cornish Palm-inspired blankets capture the essence of strength and grace, intertwining the spirit of Cornwall with every thread. 

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  • This St. Piran's Day, envelop yourself in the warmth and heritage of Cornwall, from the enduring Cornish palm to the dynamic swell designs and a spectrum of coastal themes, our blankets embody the spirit of this unique region. Experience the artistry of seaside stripes, portolan, morse code, shell, chevron, and beachcomber designs, and celebrate the beauty of Cornwall in every thread.
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