limpet shell hunting in cornwall

Limpet Shell Hunting

To build on our connection to the ocean, every Atlantic Blanket comes with a shell handpicked by us.

We love going shell hunting, it's the ideal Sunday activity when there's nothing else on. It's like our gap filler, but a really enjoyable one.

The kids tend to say "oh no, not another shell hunt" but as soon as we arrive you see their faces light up. 

Our usual haunt is Greenaway Beach, which is tucked away between Daymer Bay and Polzeath on the north coast of Cornwall. It's the one place that we're guaranteed to find our signature limpet shells.

We park at the top, overlooking Polzeath, and often admire the crowds of surfers, bodyboarders and stand ups, dotted like ants in the ocean, each one trying to get that special wave.

From Polzeath we walk along the cliff top towards Daymer, and at approx half way there are some steps down to what we call our shell beach - Greenaway Beach.

A hidden away cove, which usually attracts families with dogs who are out walking or jewellery makers and shop owners looking for cowrie shells.

We set ourselves the challenge of who can find the most shells, and become the king shell hunter. To be honest, Dad (Al) usually wins, as Mum (Gemma) has to entertain the kids who after 20 mins become bored of finding shells. So we veer off into rock pooling, climbing, hide and seek, or our favourite... a cuddle on and in a blanket.

The kids love that the shells they collect go on the blankets and end up in homes all over the world. And we hope that you love receiving them just as much.

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