The enormity and complexity of languages is a beautiful thing, yet sometimes, words still can’t quite express what you need them to. Sometimes, all you need is a hug. A hug in a box.

At Atlantic Blankets, we’re all about feel good vibes and the simple pleasures in life. To us, the invigorating blasts of fresh sea air on a crisp, blue-sky morning and the warmth of a blanket and a roaring fire on a wintry evening are what life is all about – those timeless moments that simultaneously trigger nostalgia, spur excitement for the future and root us in the present. 

Designing luxury, sustainable products in the heart of Cornwall, we try to infuse this philosophy into everything we do. Sharing our passion for sustainability and our love for hygge moments, we’ve created a beautiful gift set that embodies pure comfort and cosiness in one multi-generational bundle: a Hug in a Box. Perfect for all ages, our Hug in a Box gift set manages to say everything that, sometimes, words just can’t.

hug in a box turquoise
What is a Hug in Box?

The perfect way to treat yourself to much-deserved self-love or send warmth to your favourite person, our Hug in a Box gift sets are all about hugs, hygge and happiness. Each beautifully presented Hug in a Box gift box includes a 100% wool Atlantic Blanket woven in a classic herringbone, a heavenly St Eval tranquillity candle, a melt-in-the-mouth bar of Cornish chocolate, a Hug in a Box postcard and a mini personalised gift card for that extra touch – all lovingly parcelled into one tasteful, eco-friendly presentation box.

blanket wool turquoisest eval candlecaramel chocolate bar
atlantic blankets gift boxhug in a box blanket setmini greetings card

Reasons to Send a Hug in a Box

  • Our Hug in a Box gift sets are perfect for spreading the love – whether it be in honour of a special occasion or simply to say you care.
  • Hugging releases oxytocin – a hormone that gives us that warm, glowy feeling and makes us happy. Well, who wouldn’t want to enjoy that?
  • Each one of our wool blankets is made from 100% wool which has loads of great benefits for heart and home.
  • Our blankets are great for all generations, from the young in years to the young at heart, and are as perfect as decorative pieces as cosy, resilient travel companions.
  • Every Atlantic Blanket Hug in a Box gift set also includes a St Eval candle, Cornish chocolate bar, Hug in a Box postcard and personalised gift card for that extra special touch.
  • Sending gifts can actually release just as many as feel-good chemicals in the sender as the recipient. In fact, Laurie Santos, Professor of Happiness at Yale University, says that ‘research shows that the actions that we do for other people can have long-standing happiness effects’. Sign us up.
  • Every gift set can be sent directly to the doorstep of the lucky recipient so you can waste no time sharing the hugs.
  • Hugs are great. Especially hugs in boxes.

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