In the world of wedding anniversaries, each year is symbolised by a different material, each representing the growing strength and durability of a marriage. For the 7th anniversary, the traditional gift is wool. Wool symbolises warmth, comfort, and resilience.
Whether you are seeking ideas to delight your spouse on your seventh anniversary or helping friends celebrate theirs, we have curated some thoughtful gift suggestions. These include the traditional wool, ensuring a celebration that brings you closer to seventh heaven bliss.


7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wool Picnic Blanket

Why not turn your 7th wedding anniversary gift into a special occasion with a wool picnic blanket? Tying in traditional themes with a romantic way to spend time together, you can choose from a beautiful range of 100% wool picnic blankets with water-proof lining for a date to remember forever. By the sea, in the countryside or in the garden surrounded by fairy lights, you can celebrate in style anytime, anywhere.

Wool Blanket

Loved world-over for all of its amazing qualities, there is no end to the benefits of wool for heart and home. So why not warm up your anniversary with a sumptuous wool blanket, perfect for cosying up together at home with a film or wrapping up outside during a romantic alfresco meal? With a whole range of beautiful sizes, styles, and colours, you are sure to find just the right one for a very happy anniversary.

family wrapped in noon tides herringbone wool blanket

7th Anniversary Gift Set

A beautiful gift set to offer your spouse on your anniversary or a present to offer friends celebrating their own, our Atlantic Blankets 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Set makes for a wonderful, traditional gift. Woven in the classic herringbone stitch for a timeless, multi-generational appeal, there is a range of blanket colours you can choose from for added personal appeal. Completed with a personalised gift card, bar of Cornish chocolate and placed in a tasteful presentation box, this gift will be a treasured keepsake until the diamond days roll by.


A wool blanket, with its symbolism of comfort and security, practical versatility, timeless elegance, and eco-friendly nature, is the perfect way to commemorate this special occasion. It’s a gift that not only looks back on the years of shared experiences but also looks forward to the many cosy moments yet to come.
So, if you're approaching your 7th anniversary or helping someone celebrate theirs, consider giving a wool blanket—a beautiful and meaningful tribute to seven years of love, comfort, and resilience.