Seek peace, seek play. Seek presence.
Seek what's important. Forget the future a while - and whatever's come to pass.

Life's better, balanced

You know that feeling.

The salt on the breeze, the wind in your hair. Children and wildlife at play. Free, joyful, present. And soft rhythmic waves, like a lullaby – a meditation – from the great orchestra of the ocean.

Something magic stirs.

Press pause. And play.

For us, connecting with the ocean is a way of life. It’s an invitation to slow down – a signal to breathe, and live simply.

And, as a team, we seek nature’s healing hand each day. We aim to live present, grounded and non-reactive. Our diet is like life: colourful, balanced, delicious. We breathe, we stretch, we stay hydrated, and we listen and learn with relish.

Because when you flourish on the inside, life’s so much sweeter on the outside.

Wellbeing: A theme for good

The benefits of a balanced lifestyle are well known. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Modern life gets in the way. Mobiles buzzing, feeds flowing. Often, we’re so busy we forget to check in with ourselves. To take time out. Even giving ourselves permission at times feels a sin.

But we believe personal wellbeing to be the foundation for doing good in our world – and our purpose is to help enable both.

An antidote to interrupting tech

Our studio is nestled on the crashing north coast of Cornwall – and it inspires every design.

Consciously-crafted in UK mills using traditional methods and skills and only the finest eco-friendly materials, our blankets have been designed with meaningful connections in mind.

Whether thrown onto the sand, hugging you tight or lovingly draped over your sofa, each brings the calming essence of the ocean a little closer to heart and home.

And the benefits are beautiful.

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