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Care instructions

Care Instructions

To keep your throws and blankets looking beautiful and feeling their cosiest, you will need to launder them occasionally.

We have outlined the best option for each fabric below. In general, if in doubt, dry clean.

Machine washing and tumble drying risk spoiling the gorgeous softness of the products or worse still, shrinking them to dolly proportions.


Your alpaca throws may be gently hand washed in cool water and then dried flat. Do not tumble dry.


We recommend that you dry clean your cashmere throws, blankets and cushions. Your socks, scarves, and hotties should be gently hand washed in cool water and dried flat.

Do not tumble dry.

Lambswool, Wensleydale, Harris and other wools

Your lambswool throws and blankets will also look their best if hand washed cool and dried flat, or they can be dry cleaned.

Do not tumble dry.


Dry clean only for these unfortunately, but it will help to keep that fabulous silky lustre.