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Magical bank holiday Moments

Magical bank holiday Moments

The hustle and bustle of a Bank Holiday in Cornwall can at times feel a little overwhelming, especially in the sea when rubbing shoulders with locals, holiday makers, pro surfers and beginners, all on the same wave.

So when my friend Anja suggested a mini trip to Penhale (and we're talking mini, a mere 5mins drive away, with a steep but picturesque walk down along the sand dunes), I thought why not.

When we arrived it felt like we'd travelled miles, and had found our very own secret spot. It was just us and the waves, which is unusual for Penhale. (Although we were apparently not wholly alone, a pod of dolphins were out too, which we had thought we'd heard, but weren't lucky enough to see.)

The sea gods had delivered us small, super fun and glassy waves; matched with a backdrop of dreams - miles of golden sand dunes, and the stunning stretch of sea cliffs across Perranporth and beyond.

Empty seas, best friends, clear skies, beautiful sunset, dolphins afar, and small but fun waves, a truly magical moment in the Bank Holiday madness.

What has been your Bank Holiday #magicalmoment ?