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Random rug; colours available vary constantly - contact us for details

Random Rugs

Random Rugs Random Rugs

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Price: £25.00

What, we hear you cry, is a 'random' rug? Louche, free-thinking, out-spoken, unpredictable? Well, we won't deny those things, but in fact it refers to the fact that they are made from yarns left over from other weaves, and so once they're finished, they are never repeated. The colour combinations are unique, and we don't always get images of them on the website before they sell out. If you have particular colour requirements it's best to call us to discuss them. Don't let this be the Blanket You Didn't Buy..... they are Outstandingly Good Value. Need we say more? PS we're popping this under Blankets AND Throws as they are so versatile!